Basic Training

At LIGHTARCHITECT we understand that many of our users are not familiar with Blender 3D. Because of this we have created the following four videos designed specifically to jump-start your creation process with the LightArchitect add-on for Blender 3D. They cover everything from basic installation to creating your first lighting setup with the LightArchitect Assets.



These videos go through the simple process of Installing LightArchitect for Blender 3d on either MAC or Windows.


Recommended Settings

This video explains some recommended settings for setting up your scenes with LightArchitect 3d modeled assets.


Importing Environments/Characters

This video explains the basics of importing environments and characters into Blender 3d.


Pre-visualizing your First Scene

This video covers a process of creating lighting and camera setups with the LightArchitect Assets inside of Blender 3d.